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Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering


DaewooOne of the largest yards in the world has decided to further extend their collaboration with Siemens PLM. With strong results from already implemented Siemens PLM solutions Daewoo’s focus is now to build a “digital shipyard”. They do shipbuilding and assembly at the world’s largest dockyard and are supporting a wide range of customers and segments.
Daewoo is basing their digital construction and manufacturing system on NX and Tecnomatix on the Teamcenter platform. The openness of the Siemens PLM product suite has helped significantly increase productivity.

Some of the examples you can read about in the case study are how they have reduced the time needed to inspect for interferences using digital mockups of a ship’s deck and eliminated production problems before they occur, as well as maximized operational efficiency.

Learn more about how they have achieved this and their focus to build a “digital shipyard” here.

pdfDaewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering - Building the digital shipyard

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