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New GA Application

new-gaConcept and basic design is a major focus for the shipbuilding industry in Norway. A fast and easy creation process of a general arrangement is essential within concept design for a successful business. We are convinced that a 3D general arrangement model gives you a higher quality as well as very a good communication base and sales argument to your customer. NX gives a range of functionalities, which enables GA modelling. Some Siemens customers in Europe have been using NX for General Arrangement modelling for years.

However, the Norwegian shipbuilding customers have been requesting an easier-to-use and quicker way of generating GA drawings in NX more aligned with the processes and topology of shipbuilding. Based on this feedback Summit has reviewed the process and created a GA application in NX, adding programs and combining them with core NX functionality needed to create and change a 3D GA in NX in an easy and efficient way. Usability has been held high throughout the process.

We look forward to hear what you think and to help implement the solution widely. You can see a video preview of the process/application and contact us for more information.

Smart Expert Gold Horizontal Summ Systems AB  is a Siemens PLM Software Solution Partner - This partnership enables Summ Systems to enhance the interoperability of its software for process integration, multidisciplinary design optimization and data analysis with Siemens PLM Software products in order to improve customers’ design and simulation capabilities.

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