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Fram till och med den 31 Juli 2019 finns chansen att byta in äldre 3D-skrivare vid investering i HP 3D MJF.
Fyll i formuläret nedan så kontaktar vi dig för att diskutera inbyte och värde. Ersättningen (upp till 150 tkr) beror på investering och maskin.

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Switch to HP Jet Fusion 3D printers now for production quality prototyping and the chance to save up to EUR13,125 by trading-in your old 3D printer

The HP Jet Fusion 500 Series 3D printers gives you access to a material with nylon properties for your prototyping workflow, that enable you to quickly produce parts that are isotropic and watertight, with no need to eliminate support structures. In addition, the HP Jet Fusion printers are self-contained, with automated powder management.

Additionally, the Multi Jet Fusion technology can dramatically improve the production of iterations for rapid prototyping. For the first time you can prototype using the same technology as final production, even in colour, all without compromising the performance of the parts.

Multi Jet Fusion technology is revolutionizing manufacturing. The 500 Series 3D printers are now accessible to design teams at an affordable price thanks to this HP Trade-In program.

Highlights on the Multi Jet Fusion mechanical properties:

Isotropic parts, so no more concerns about printing orientation, eliminating the Z axis weakness
Dramatic improvements in speed, by moving from printing one dot at a time to hundreds of thousands dots per millisecond
Compared with other materials the PA12 used in Multi Jet Fusion drives completely different mechanical properties compared to the potential elongation at break from material extrusion, for example.
Rather than hours cleaning support materials, Multi Jet Fusion need only seconds of post processing

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