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Making Manufacturers More Cost Competitive in World Markets

Manufacturers are improving machining performance 50 to 300 percent without the need to make changes to existing equipment and infrastructure. Thousands of manufacturers worldwide have transformed their machine shops into highly cost-efficient operations, enabling them to successfully compete in world markets – many for the first time in decades. During this presentation, you will learn how Celeritive’s science-based toolpath technology is transforming manufacturers’ machining productivity, and how manufacturers leverage VoluMill within Siemens NX CAM to dramatically reduce machine cycle time enabling the production of more parts per hour – ultimately increasing profitability and asset utilization.

Greg saisselin

Greg Saisselin, CEO, Celeritive Technologies

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Smart Expert Gold Horizontal Summ Systems Part of Ideal Group will be the leading Siemens Digital Industries Software partner in the Nordic region and Baltic countries and its offering to customers includes industry leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and Industrial Internet solutions.

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