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Product Lifecycle Management for the Marine Industry


The PLM for Shipbuilding solution enables a holistic approach to shipbuilding that improves ship design, total enterprise collaboration, synchronization and productivity, as well as lifecycle ship service and support, by optimizing shipbuilding processes.

Shipbuilding Program and Product Management

shipbuilding-program-imgLeading shipbuilders around the world have established new program launch records with PLM for Shipbuilding by utilizing ship design software with embedded templates that accelerates ship delivery, boosts team productivity and facilitates the use of proven best practices that mitigate potential risks and eliminate program delays.

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Ship Design and Engineering

ship-design-imgFrom a scalability standpoint, shipbuilding possesses some of the most daunting design and engineering challenges. PLM for Shipbuilding takes advantage of 4th generation design (4GD) technology to accelerate development of modern ships and offshore structures, driving shipbuilding innovation and facilitating global collaboration

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Digital Ship Construction

digital-ship-imgTo limit the cost of development and production as well as mitigate related risks, shipyards need to optimize their facilities and processes across an entire lifecycle by deploying shipyard production software.

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Supply Chain Management

ship-supply-chainShipyards rely on a global supply chain of partners and suppliers to help design, develop, manufacture and test new ship concepts. Using the JT data format, which supports for multi-CAD design content and flexible round-trip supplier data exchange, PLM for Shipbuilding allows shipbuilders to exchange data reliably and flexibly with suppliers and partners, some of whom may use a different authoring tool.

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Ship Service and Support

shipservice-imgShipyards are also focused on managing sustainability requirements and achieving continuous improvement in fleet availability, reliability and overhaul cycle reduction. PLM for Shipbuilding enables the shipyard to easily develop and publish all handover documentation included in the vessel specifications and contract.

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Shipbuilding Today Requires a Holistic Approach

futurefleet2Enhancing productivity and innovation while optimizing ship upgrades and modernizing design processes. The shipbuilding industry is being presented with a unique opportunity, as operators aggressively upgrade their fleets to meet the need for mission-flexible, energy-efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly ships with better overall performance and lower total operating costs.

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