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The three Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions channel partners have announced to join forces under the IDEAL Group brand.

The merged IDEAL Group creates a resource pool that can undertake any size of digital enterprise initiative, adding unique value to new and existing customers in the discrete manufacturing or process industry. The new digital solutions powerhouse covers the Nordic countries and the Baltics region, employing 110 persons. Pro Forma Net Sales for the IDEAL PLM Group was 17 MEUR (2018).

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Product overview

Teamcenter® PLM

Teamcenter helps companies deliver increasingly complex products while maximizing productivity and streamlining global operations. Teamcenter helps its customers:

  • Increase revenue by delivering innovative, right-to-market products
  • Get to market faster by reducing design and change cycle time
  • Reduce costs by finding product data faster and increasing reuse
  • Improve quality through systems-driven product development

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NX is an integrated product design, engineering and manufacturing solution that helps companies deliver better products faster and more efficiently.

  • NX integrates three key capabilities for fast, efficient and flexible product development:
  • Advanced solutions for conceptual design, 3D modeling and documentation
  • Multi-discipline simulation for structural, motion, thermal, flow and multi-physics applications
  • Complete part manufacturing solutions for tooling, machining and quality inspection

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The Tecnomatix portfolio is a set of proven manufacturing engineering applications from Siemens PLM Software that streamline production planning and optimize operations through critical phases of the new product development and launch process:

  • Planning and Management – a single source of manufacturing knowledge to synchronize design engineering with manufacturing engineering enabling smarter decisions through collaborative product and process development
  • Simulation and Validation – an integrated set of applications to verify the methods and resources being defined and selected during manufacturing planning, resulting in proven, right-first-time manufacturing plans
  • Launch and Production – production-focused tools to bridge the gap between planning and production delivering successful execution and support of flawless launches and continuous improvement

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Solid Edge®

Solid Edge is an industry-leading mechanical design system with exceptional tools for creating and managing 3D digital prototypes. With superior core modeling and process workflows, a unique focus on the needs of specific industries, and fully integrated design management, Solid Edge guides projects toward an error free, accurate design solution. Solid Edge modeling and assembly tools enable your engineering team to easily develop a full range of products, from single parts to assemblies containing thousands of components.

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VoluMill - Ultra-high-performance toolpath engine

VoluMill ultra high performance toolpath technology is the fastest, most cost effective method of bulk-material removal for all non-finishing milling operations.

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Femap is an advanced engineering simulation software program that creates finite element analysis models of complex engineering products and systems, and displays solution results. Femap can virtually model components, assemblies or systems and determine the behavioral response for a given operating environment.

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The Fibersim portfolio of software for composites engineering is used by numerous leading manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and wind energy industries. Fibersim supports all of the unique and complex design and manufacturing methodologies necessary to engineer innovative, durable, and lightweight composite products and parts.

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LMS test and simulation solutions help manufacturing companies manage the complexities of tomorrow’s product development by incorporating model-based mechatronic simulation and advanced testing solutions in the product development process.

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PLM Components

PLM Components help software developers to develop CAD, CAM, CAE and many other PLM applications. They also enable manufacturing enterprises to share and visualize information and data with their partners and suppliers, perform searches based on the shape of parts, configure product lines and perform CAE analyses.

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Seat Design Environment

The Seat Design Environment (SDE) portfolio of software for engineering transportation seating and interiors enables engineers to design and manufacture innovative automotive and aircraft seat systems and interior components and captures a complete digital product definition of a seat system which accurately and efficiently shares design detail, eliminates extensive physical prototyping and reduces time-to-market.

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The Syncrofit portfolio of software for airframe assembly is the only production-proven, CAD-integrated, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for managing the complexities of airframe assemblies, with a particular emphasis on fastened structures.

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Smart Expert Gold Horizontal Summ Systems Part of Ideal Group will be the leading Siemens Digital Industries Software partner in the Nordic region and Baltic countries and its offering to customers includes industry leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and Industrial Internet solutions.

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