For Digitized Smart Factories
  • Summ Systems is the Siemens PLM Software Partner

Summ Systems is the Siemens PLM Software Partner specialist
for manufacturing in the Nordic market.

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Develop Products Faster with NX Software

A complete solution for digital product development, NX software delivers integrated, high performance design, simulation, documentation, tooling and manufacturing.

NX Key Capabilities
NX is an integrated product design, engineering and manufacturing solution that helps companies deliver better products faster and more efficiently. NX integrates three key capabilities for fast, efficient and flexible product development:

  • Advanced solutions for conceptual design, 3D modeling and documentation
  • Multi-discipline simulation for structural, motion, thermal, flow and multi-physics applications
  • Complete part manufacturing solutions for tooling, machining and quality inspection.

NX Customer Value
NX solutions help companies design, simulate and manufacture better products faster by enabling smarter decisions in an integrated product development environment:

  • Increase the number of new products introduced
  • Reduce development time by more than 30%
  • Shorten design-analysis iterations by more than 70%
  • Reduce NC programming, machining and tool design time by more than 30%

The NX Advantage
NX is the industry’s most integrated, flexible and efficient solution for product design, engineering and manufacturing.

  • No other solution employs Synchronous Technology for flexible design in an open environment
  • No other solution integrates multi-discipline simulation so tightly into the development process
  • No other solution offers such a full range of advanced part manufacturing applications
  • No other solution is integrated as tightly with Teamcenter, the world’s leading PLM platform


NX for Manufacturing

nx-manufacturingAchieve a new level of cut control and faster NC programming with NX CAM. While working in NX, you can now easily access a fully classified tool library with MRL Connect for NX. Enhanced NX Tooling Design capabilities accelerate preparation of tooling models.

NX CMM can now program more types of parts including 3D solid models and surface-based sheet metal components.

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NX for Design

nx-designImprove productivity and accelerate product design with NX. The latest release introduces extensions to synchronous technology for 2D geometry; new modeling tools; fourth generation design (4GD) tools for concurrent design of massive products; and an improved high-definition user experience.

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NX for Simulation

nx-simulationImprove modeling efficiency and reduce simulation process time with NX. The latest NX release includes new and enhanced capabilities for meshing automation and robustness. NX CAE also introduces an expanded set of supported simulation solutions and even more ways to interact with your analyses. Additionally, enhancements in NX Nastran increase computational performance, accuracy, reliability and scalability.

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Smart Expert Gold Horizontal Summ Systems Part of Ideal Group will be the leading Siemens Digital Industries Software partner in the Nordic region and Baltic countries and its offering to customers includes industry leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and Industrial Internet solutions.

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